noun ˈalkɪmi/  a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.



This is my DREAM job, it’s not often people get to say that!

My aim is to enhance your natural beauty, providing a professional, relaxed and friendly service.

Following the birth of my baby boy, I decided if I was to return to work, it would be to do something that I was passionate about. Something that allowed creativity, flexibility and was rewarding for everyone involved. What greater pleasure is there, than being involved some of THE happiest and most memorable days of peoples lives?

I'm all about creating flawless, healthy skin first and foremost. Anything additional will look amazing if you’ve a perfect base. I work for brides and babes for weddings, nights out, special occasions, shoots and ecomm in London, Kent, Oxfordshire and surrounding areas.

I don't have a set 'go to' look for brides, I'll listen to what you want and together we can create something cool, modern and original. Don’t get me wrong, I can do classic bridal hair and makeup too but you’ve probably seen lots of those already…

I love giving a nod to current trends in my work, be it an awards look or something from London Fashion Week.

Pinterest is ace way of succinctly communicating the sort of vibe you're after but if you’re are not sure exactly which path to go down i’ve enough experience to provide a gentle push. 

I hate stiff sprayed curls, roses made from hair or ‘instaglam’ obvious, heavy makeup that makes you look like someone else.


You are a hard working and passionate individual.

You’re beautiful inside and out but you probably don’t realise it.

You want to look beautiful/hot/stylish for your event or all of the above.

You’re INCREDIBLY excited, albeit slightly nervous about the biggest show ever with no real rehearsal.

You’re not a bridezilla and people making that joke actually get’s on your nerves.

If you agree with the majority of the above I very well maybe the stylist for you!

@alchemy_hairandmakeup for my recent work and musings. 

Photo credit: Lee Garland Photography

Photo credit: Lee Garland Photography

Photo credit:  Krist in Prisk Photography

Photo credit: Kristin Prisk Photography

Rock n Roll Bride May 2019

Rock n Roll Bride May 2019

Mel  Alex - Larissa Joice Photography - 1003.jpg
Photographer:  Lee Garland

Photographer: Lee Garland

Photographer:  Kayliegh Pope

Photographer: Kayliegh Pope

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